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If I am OUT OF ALIGNMENT it feels blocked fear and doubt with

If I am OUT OF ALIGNMENT it feels blocked fear and doubt with


CONFESSIONS OF THE THIRD EYE 👁 CHAKRA ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ If I am OUT OF ALIGNMENT it feels blocked, fear and doubt with spirit communication.

Law of Attraction: Moving into Alignment and Staying There (As Much as Can!) Part 1

... blocked by grief (heart chakra): a chakra3

What we must realise is that our businesses are an energetic extension of us! So if we are OUT OF ALIGNMENT, BURNT OUT, NOT FEEDING THE INNER WELL WITH SELF ...

Law of Attraction: Keeping Your Vibe High When 'Nothing' Seems to Be Happening

Fear And Anxiety

Law of Attraction: Raising Your Vibration When It's Being Attacked at Every Turn

My world has changed dramatically since I made the decision to go it alone as a self-employed writer. I have spent the past year working full-time to ...

Feeling all twinned-out? A Twin Flame stage nobody ever talks about because it's just not all peace, love & light

When it comes to interest in law of attraction, I would have to say the two things people are most trying to get is love or money, perhaps both at the same ...

11 Major Warning Signs From the Universe

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I always trust in the direction of the Universe and know that I'm being

Step 1: Become ready to accept that there is a presence far greater than you supporting you

Law of Attraction: Signs What You Want is On Its Way

If you have to cut somebody off in an attempt to provike them into wanting you

When the solar plexus chakra is blocked we feel insecure, self-conscious, and

Imagine if you could do anything in the world without feeling fear or any negative feelings.

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein

Drawing a blank in the brain is frustrating when you have work to do or something

Writing doubts get the best of all of us, but we don't have

How to tell the difference between your ego and your intuition

Rewiring Your Mind: How to Erase Your Biggest Limiting Beliefs in Minutes

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The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and uncensored.

How to tell if someone's lying to manipulate you

This “vision board” or desire altar, can be made up of words, pictures, or anything else that connects you to what it feels like to have what you desire.

feel spiritually connected every day - gabby bernstein - miracle membership

Why Anxiety is the Handmaiden of Creativity

7 reasons to stop dating and become exclusive with your Twin Flame (even when you are not together)


The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment that the


Albert Einstein, who suffered from imposter syndrome.

It's interesting that in order to align to union, you actually have to break free from the herd and walk your own path. Let's be honest the majority of the ...

Feeling like an impostor? You can escape this confidence-sapping syndrome | Fiona Buckland | Opinion | The Guardian

5 Reasons Why The Universe Is Not Giving You What You Want in Life

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Symptoms of Awakening

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How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or just talking to myself?

Law of Attraction: How to Combat Issues of Worthiness and Deserving

Overactive Third Eye Chakra

The more we match our frequency, the more we resonate. The more we resonate, the healthier we feel. The healthier we feel, the more in whack we'll be.

[Illustration of hands twisting a spinal column]

Other times, we Experience doubt which disconnects us from our physical being, reinforcing the fear that we feel. The challenge is to acknowledge our fear ...

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Or are you secretly preparing for Union?

Animated story telling by http://visualcongruence.com


How Do You Know If You're Getting Close to Reuniting With Your Twin? Signs and Indications. Divine Timing, Soul Journeying, Heart Chakra Activations and ...


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A victim defines who they are by what happens to them. They give power to the emotions of others. As a result, a victim needs approval to know their choice ...

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'There is no such thing as past or future': physicist Carlo Rovelli on changing how we think about time | Books | The Guardian

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The Answer?

Jamie Chung

Transformational Teacher | Energy and Mind Shift

Increasingly people within spiritual circles are becoming aware of, and speaking out about, "energetic implants" in our energy fields.

A nice presented evaluation of spinal manipulation by Nick Hannah, PT.

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Getting in the zone on the Twin Flame journey, when you are aligned AF to union


9 TED Talks to Liberate you from Fear, Shame, Self-Doubt and Self-Judgement

This SuperMoon Eclipse was intense for me!! While it wasn't comfortable and

The scenario above represents one example of a misalignment between your heart and your mind that is a common occurrence after a break up.

We live in a world of contrasts, our 3rd dimensional physical experience is one of duality. It's not the ultimate truth we know that, but it is part of the ...

Feel Not Good Enough?

Or your on vacation and like everything flowed perfect for you, like all of your thoughts were amazing. You were attracting things into your life with ...

TRUST YOURSELF: A practical guide to achieving any goal and living beyond fear

On one hand this law of attraction stuff seems easy peasy. On the other, it can feel really freaking hard. We know it isn't supposed to be, so that adds to ...

Root Chakra Blockage

If so, then let spirit be your guide - Spirit will help you make that

How I Found The Courage To Write My Truth

This is a good representation too >>>

The church isn't even biblical, is it?

“Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don't let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.


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Four Tips for Writing When You Are Depressed

Solar Plexus Healing

2) You're blocked by guilt (sacral chakra):


Turn your writing dreams into writing realities with this daily planner designed specifically with authors in